The Draft Minerals Sites Plan Update 2016 
This is primarily an update of information that was presented in the 2015 Draft Mineral Sites Plan, including aggregate production figures for 2014, amendments to the aggregates Area of Search, amendments to some of the preferred site options and a new site which came out of the 2015 consultation.

The new site is an aggregates site known as Gallows Hill and is located on the Puddletown Road. It was nominated during the recent consultation and comments on the site are invited.

The 2015 consultation included some potential site allocations which were indicated as unlikely to be needed during the life of the Plan. It is now considered that some of these may be needed during the life of this Plan, and they are included for comment - they are:

* AS12 - Philliol's Farm, Wareham
* AS14 - Henbury Farm, Sturminster Marshall

An extension to Swanworth Quarry in Purbeck (PK16) has been proposed, and was included in the 2015 Draft Plan. Amendments have been proposed to limit visual and landscape impacts and it is included again for information and comment.

Please Note: The 2015 Draft Plan included two proposed aggregate quarries near to Moreton (AS25 and AS26) and a proposed extension to Woodsford Quarry (AS19). These sites are not included in the 2016 Draft Mineral Sites Plan Update as there has been no change in the status of these sites - they are still under consideration for possible inclusion in the Mineral Sites Plan.

The Draft Waste Plan Update
Additional and Emerging Preferred Waste Site Allocations contains six additional waste sites and, following further assessment work, a series of sixteen sites that are emerging as preferred for allocation in the final Waste Plan to address the key waste management needs that have been identified. The sites are shown on the overview map attached.

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