Traffic Survey

Traffic Survey report – Dick O Th Banks Road, Crossways - Summary

  1. The traffic survey was undertaken by Dorset County Council between the 1st – 7th June 2015

  2. The recording equipment was sited across Dick O Th Banks Road to the east of Egdon Glen.

  3. The average daily volumes were – Eastbound to the Warmwell Road 930 and Westbound to the Quarry 960

  4. The 85%ile speeds were – Eastbound 33.6 mph and Westbound 32.6 mph

  5. The amount of traffic was fairly consistent throughout the period 8am – 6pm

  6. The peak volumes were generally around 8am and 5pm

  7. The speeds appear to decrease around school start and finish times

  8. There were a proportion of vehicles travelling above 35mph – the highest numbers were between 6am and 8am and 5pm and 6pm

  9. The highest volume of traffic was on the Friday at 2099 vehicles

  10. The lowest volume of traffic was on the Sunday at 1560 vehicles

  11. The volume of traffic was approximately 87% cars and 13% remainder

  12. Out of the remainder the vast majority were 2 axle vehicles