A memory of early Crossways

by Sandra Sewell

My mum was reading the newspaper one night, when she saw an advert for a postmistress for Crossways. She applied for it and got the job. The Post Office was built on the site of what is now Tree Stores. As well as a Post Office she had a Tea Room and a General Stores.

One day in 1938 we were all lined up in front of Mums shop, There was going to be a Parade - not only a parade, but a parade with a BAND - the Airfield was opening that day. The band was going to march up from the Station on its way to the Airfield. My sister Jill and my brother Michael waited, seemingly for ages, for them to appear.

Eventually, we heard the sounds of a band. After running out into the road several times each we saw the sun glinting off the instruments and the Parade was upon us! Everybody looked so smart and important. The Bandmaster seemed so proud of the shiny instruments and it felt like it was just for us! When I look at the photo of Mum's shop after all these years, I can't help wondering about the houses seen in the background. Where were they? Who lived there? To help here's a photo of Tree Stores as we know it now, being built. Mums shop is in the background.